Geeky Personalized RSS Service FeedHub Grinds to Crawl


At DEMOfall yesterday, mSpoke announced FeedHub a Personalized RSS service that purportedly takes an OPML file and creates a personalized RSS feed. After an annoying registration process that requires YAP (yet another password) and uploading an OPML file, a magic personalized RSS URL is created. Unfortunately, the only content on the feed is this:

If you just created your feed, don’t worry — we’re choosing some great content based on what we’ve learned from your OPML.

Important note! Because of the enthusiastic response to our launch at DEMOFall this week, we are a bit overwhelmed with the number of new feeds being created and are actively beefing up our infrastructure to meet the demand. While you can normally expect to see new content in your feed every 3-4 hours, it will currently take 24 hours to start getting content in your new feed.

(emphasis mine)

Sigh. I’d like to evaluate the quality of their personalization, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

Scoble reports that it doesn’t work for him.


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